Youtube is a great place to find freelance tips. There are videos and dedicated channels about motivation, marketing, and business development. But what about channels, created by freelancers and for freelancers?

To answer on your own, you need spend time researching. Especially, if you want to find good channels, that provide valuable content. Or you can read this article – we have conducted a research for you.

So just check what we have found.

1. Chris the Freelancer

Many people start freelancing pursuing a goal to become more independent. Some of them have wanderlust.

So what about checking real case, with useful freelance tips on combining doing some work while wandering on a Youtube channel?

Chris is a good source of advice. You can find interviews with other freelancers and tips on freelancing itself. Also, in a number of videos there author shares his emotions, impressions and moments from different countries and cities.

2. Brett Dev

You can find tips on life in Thailand, costs, what it takes to go there and stay, etc.

In addition, Brett shares own experiences and ideas on freelancing and getting money on the web, tells how one can become a freelancer, shares pros and cons.

3. Jorden Roper

Jorden’s specialization is writing as a freelancer. Her audience is people who run blogs, online entrepreneurs and writers. She shares her tips on freelancing, writing better creating high-quality content. Also, from her videos, you can find ideas on creation and growth an online business.

4. Freelance Marketing Solutions

Author of this channel is Earl Hall. His videos will tell you how to build a great career as a freelancer. Earl shares his interesting vision on marketing, channels of getting freelance from the web, etc.

5. John Morris

Here the author is focused on sharing about two topics with his audience: coding and self-marketing. With his channel, you can improve some coding skills, and then turn them into an income working as a freelancer.

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5 Youtube Channels with Freelance Tips To Improve Your Business

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