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A lot of people want to earn beermoney during their weekend or holidays, or at the nights.

Here are websites that offer to do small tasks or just put your works on a website like videos, pictures to get money. You’re able to make passive incomes and just extra money.

There are Locations; How Much You Can Make; A Direct Link to Website (Without Any Referral Links).

123RF your pictures15-20% commision for selling picturesAnywhere
Amazon Mechanical Turk tasks requesters want you to do for moneyAt least 10¢/minuteUS
BigStockPhoto your pictures$0.30-$3 per pictureAnywhere
BitcoinGethttps://www.bitcoinget.comTaking surveys, completing jobs, and much more.$0.12 – $0.18 for a 15-20 min surveyUSA, UK, Canada IP
Break money from videos on YouTubeup to $2000USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Poland
BrightCove movies for purchasefrom $0.99Anywhere
Clickworker platform$9 per hourGermany, USA
ClixSense online surveys, cash offers, Figure Eight Tasks and more$5 bonus for each $50 in completed tasksNorth America
Drop is a passive loyalty program that allows you to choose 5 popular stores where you'll earn cash back (automatically) at as soon as you shop at them (both online or in storeNorth America
Earnably videos and taking surveysfrom 1$United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Norway, and Netherlands
EarnHoney on desktop, surveys, shopping and CPA offers, and games~$30 a monthUS, Canada, UK
Ebesucherhttps://www.ebesucher.comEbesucher is a totally free service in its use therefore also the registration is completely free and takes just over 2 minutes to complete all the steps required for registrationPaid per views (15 seconds on each site, and then in 960 credits, or 0.02 $ in one hour)Anywhere
EJury attorneys determine case value$5-10 dollars for each caseUSA
Expert123 site that answers questions$10 and $20 per articleAnywhere
Fotolia your picturesGive you a straight 50% for each photo soldUSA, Europe
FreebicoinFreebitco.inThis Website is super simple, all you have to do is check back on it every hour and roll! You can roll any number between 1 and 10,000. The Higher the number the higher the reward is.Reward Points you can exchange for prizes or bonus like 1000% claims for 24h;Anywhere
GiveAwayPros, free app downloads, tasks and the ever popular engageme.tvfrom $0.25 per actionUSA, UK, Canada IP
Grindabuck, exclusive offers, Web videos for both Desktop and mobile, EngagemeTV, DiscoverMedia, VideoLoyalty, HyprMx, ChatBox Games, leaderboards, monthly achievement bonuses, contests, giveaways, and more.Gift CardsUS, England, Canada, EU
HitPredictor MusicPays you Gift Cards
Ibotta is an app available for both Android and iOS where users earn money for shopping at Ibotta's retail partners (currently supporting around 160 stores) then scanning their receipts to prove what purchases they made.US, Puerto Rico
InstaGC, download, sign up, do tasks, shopping incentive, and watch videos for pointsGift CardsUS, UK, Canada, Australia
IStockPhoto your pictures20% commission to begin, but they’ll double that rate if you offer your photos to them exclusivelyUSA, Brazil, Europe
JustAnswer feedback on their problems$5 and $25 for a responseAnywhere
LionBridge and localization$12 per hour for USA. $5-6 per hour for othersAnywhere
Loop88 pin what they tell you to, and you get paidup to $5 per pinUSA
MetaCafe superior profits to YouTube in return for your videosfrom $0.99Anywhere
Microsoft Rewards credits while you search with bing!Gift CardsUS, UK, France, Germany, Australia, and Canada
MoneyMining you have to do is keep the mining window open and you will be paid every minute.$0.00010 every minuteUS, UK, Canada, Romania (Perhaps some EU Countries)
MusicXRay Music, Create Songs etc.$0.05-2100USA, Canada
Online Verdict research$20-60 dollars per 60 minuteUSA
PaidPerTweet you for your tweetsup to $5 per tweetUSA
Perk you points for letting your phone or ipod touch play videos.Gift CardsUS, Australia, Europe
PlayAndWin “paid” in tokensfrom $0.05UK
Pogo the small daily drawingfrom $0.25USA, Canada, UK
PrizeRebel, Offers, Tasks Offerwalls and Videosfrom $1International
PrizeRebel online surveys, Watch videosGift Cards or PayPalUSA, UK, Canada, and Australia
Prolific surveys£6 per hourUS, Australia, Europe
RadioEarn earning by click/open on your radio link(s).~$15 per monthArgentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, France, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Reunion, Romania, Russian Federation, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States and Uruguay.
SBK Center you for junk mail and emails.~$0.25 per mailUSA
Shutterstock your pictures$0.25 per pictureAnywhere
SliceThepie Review$0.05-$1 per a few minutesUSA IP Only
Spare5 money in your spare time with our free web and mobile apps.$8 – $12 /HourNorth America, UK (Perhaps Europe)
Survey Junkie Site$10 – $15 per hourUSA, UK, Canada IP
SwagBucks video apps, Surveys, polls, tasks, special offers, coupons, swagbuckstv, games, searchbar, codes download offers, and shopping incentive that give swagbucks.Gift CardsUS, Canada, UK, Australia, India, Ireland
Tutor tutoring service.from $15 per hourUSA, Canada
TutorHub hub of tutors£20 and £40 per hourUK
USMonitor test mail to your address~$0.25 per mailUSA
VerbalPlaner way for language teachers to work online and connect with new students around the worldfrom $8 per hourAnywhere
Vindale Site$12/hourUSA, UK, Canada IP
Working Solutions Center, Data Entryfrom $7.50/ hour to $30/hourUSA
WorldWinner in your favorite games to win REAL MONEY!from $0.25USA, Canada

Periodix Helps You To Find a Job for Extra Money Too.

If you have good skills as an internet user, you have an opportunity to work as a Virtual Assistant; Data Entry and Transcribing projects; Photoshop and Illustrator helper.

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We were inspired by posts on Reddit to do this collection.

Thanks to subreddits: r/WorkOnline; r/beermoney; r/beermoneyglobal.

And users who have done their collections before: u/Proimu/beermoneymods; 

and u/MadMudMan;


+50 Websites to Earn Extra Money

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