Stand out the crowd. Use a template to post about your availability on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

We have created a valuable and customizable template package for you to show your freelance availability on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. 100% free! 

We’re a service that helps freelancers to find a job fast. That’s why we know how important to be in a trend of job searching.

We researched freelancers posting that they are available for freelance. But they don’t use pictures, they use plain text and get lost in between other posts.

Here is a solution: a high-value collection of PowerPoint template slides – to let you customize them, export as jpeg and post. Posts with pictures from the pack will grab your potential clients attention and look more professional.

As said, all pictures are customizable in PowerPoint or Keynote – you can write text that will work for you, change font, color, size and even composition!

Check some examples of free templates:

You can download it here:

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They will come as PPT. Two files – two formats of pics, one is for LinkedIn posts, the other is for Facebook or Twitter posts.

✅ Choose a template in the package;
✅ Choose Social Media where you’d like to post;
✅ Fill your info on PowerPoint with your template;
✅ Get Hired!

Quick video with all editable templates:


Automate your freelance and remote jobs search with Periodix NOW!


All files are free from copyright restrictions or licensed under creative commons public domain dedication. This means you can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

All pics are taken from the site with stock photos

60 Pics Templates to Show Your Freelance Availability (Free download)

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