Every freelancer knows what Upwork is.

However, lots of them don’t have any success there.

They have different points of views about why they hate Upwork or don’t get any money from this platform.

But, would you believe a statement that there are freelancers who earned millions of dollars on Upwork? Yes, they exist.

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We found American freelancers that earned from $800,000 to $1,000,000 on Upwork. We tried to hide their faces so it would be tough to recognize them if you meet them on the street:

And what about evidence that someone can earn $3M+ on Upwork?

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What excuses do you use not to succeed on Upwork?

We went on the front page of internet (Reddit) to find those reasons:

1 – The Race to The Bottom or Clients Who Pay Low Rates

2 – Upwork suspended your account

3 – Blocked By Client

4 – Scam Projects

5 – You Shall Not Pass or Upwork Doesn’t Approve Your Account

6 – Upwork FEE is Too High (20%)

7 – Competition with Freelancers from Third World Countries

So, the Question for you:
What excuses do you use to avoid Upwork?


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They Made $1M+ on Upwork. And What Are Your Excuses?

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3 thoughts on “They Made $1M+ on Upwork. And What Are Your Excuses?

  1. This is really kind of dumb (or perhaps intentionally misleading), as you’ve spotlighted a handful of people with high-end credentials in high-paying fields and then attempted to extrapolate their experience to lower-end tasks that can be performed by hundreds of thousands of freelancers.

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