Usually, you can find freelance jobs via different channels: freelance platforms, social networks, networking, etc. One of the most valuable marketing tip here is Advertising in the social media. It can be a powerful lead-generating tool.

However, there is always a question: How to promote yourself as a freelancer on Facebook Ads?

Facebook is the biggest social network in the world. 94% of social marketers use a Facebook platform. Every freelancer is a marketer of own brand.

A client searches for a contractor in different channels, especially on Facebook. That’s why Facebook is the most popular channel of advertising for B2C (72%) and even B2B (43%). Check this data Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2017.

If you are a newbie in freelancing, you have to start with own brand and a landing page, try freelance platform. The first advice – don’t spend money on advertising in the beginning.

On marketplaces, you could find first freelance jobs recommendations. Platforms like Upwork,, PeoplePerHourPeriodix here stands out of the crowd by automatically finding freelance jobs that match freelancer’s background and skills.

Here is an infographics:

Using Facebook Ads to find freelance jobs?

As a freelancer, you should know your audience. For this purposes, Facebook introduces pretty good thing to define your audience. It’s called Facebook Audience Insight Tool. In a case, if you aren’t sure about your audience, what features does it have – uncover it with this tool.

Here is the video on Facebook’s Audience Insights Tool, how Targeting To Get The Most From Your Facebook Ads.

Difference between Facebook ads and Google ads is that Facebook audience isn’t as actively looking for the services as Google audience does.

Googling, clients are already in a search phase – they have some things that got to be done, and they are looking for a contractor. While on Facebook you could find freelance jobs by targeting the audience that isn’t actively searching for services, but potentially they requires your services.

That is to say – it is important to understand your proper call to action. Therefore, keep in mind how your ads could help you to attract clients to your freelance profile.

Find freelance jobs on Facebook – what to promote with the ads?

  1. E-learning courses. You can use a platform as Udemy to creating your own freelance course. The main question – what would you teach your audience? Why should your future clients learn skills from you? You have to understand your competitors and benefits.
  2. Blog. If you are a freelance writer, content-writer or you just like writing – create your own blog. You can tell your audience about business thoughts, your style on the work, fun stories etc. It’s a great idea to ad your blog to your audience.
  3. Your YouTube channel. A lot of freelancers create own YouTube blog. Why do they create it? Someone does videos about their personal tips in the area where they work. Someone wants to engage new clients and tell about how they do a job. Someone reviews some services and tell their benefits. You can add your video from YouTube to your blog.
  4. E-book. It is a trend of 2018 year. If you don’t want to create video content – create your e-book with tips in the area where you’re working at.
  5. Webinars. This is a cool idea to engage potential leads to your service. You could research what your audience is interested in and create a webinar for them. As an advantage of a webinar – you could have some engagement with the audience.

Three ways of starting the advertising campaign of your freelance services on Facebook:

1. Create an audience on Facebook Audience Insight Tool. You can set up next things here:

  • Demographics. ( From basic things like Age and gender to education, job role and even household size);
  • Page likes ( likes in numerous categories);
  • How often do they use Facebook. This parameter is also very helpful – defining your target audience you usually can say how much time do they spend on Facebook;
  • Purchases activity — their purchase actions in the past (for instance, people who buy sneakers) and preferable purchase methods (offline or online).
  • Location and language;

There is a key difference between Audience Insights and Page Insights. Audience Insights reflects trends about potential customers across the whole site, while Page Insights tells about the interactions with the page you own.

After choosing all points, you can turn on your ads for the right audience that will discover you, so you will find freelance jobs when they would reach you.

2 . Customer Audiences. There is a Remarketing feature that helps you to promote ads to people who have visited your website. You have to click – “Customer Audiences” – “Website Traffic”. Copy the code from the Facebook showed and put to the code to your freelance website.

3. Create a Custom Audience Customer List. It lets you put your leads’ contacts (emails) to Facebook ads. On average, about a half of those emails get matched with a profile. The thing to consider here is that usually, people don’t register their Facebook profiles using their business emails.

Get familiar with this, before starting a Campaign on Facebook

  • CPA is a cost per action. It will work for option “Website conversions” as a result of the ad.
  • CPL is cost per like. It is a case for choosing “Page Likes” as a result of your ad.
  • CPC is a cost per click. In this case, you will pay every time when someone clicks on your ad.
  • CPM is a cost per mille. Here the payment will be requested when your add get shown 1000 times.

Calculating Cost-per-Customer

In a case when you opt-in CPA tracking, Cost per Customer becomes equal to CPA. But when you set a different ad, for example to download your book or templates, calculation goes like this:
CPA x (Number of Leads that Buy / Total Number of Leads)

This is one way how to use Facebook to find freelance jobs. Use Facebook ads smart and increase your earnings.

If you are looking for a way to spend more time working and less time searching for a freelance job – check Periodix.

Using Facebook Ads to Find Freelance Jobs

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