Frequently asked questions about Periodix

How Periodix does freelance jobs search?

Periodix does freelance jobs search as a smart AI aggregator. Like a virtual assistant that finds projects for you. Freelance jobs search by Periodix The service uses Artificial Intelligence technology. Periodix takes public profile information about a freelancer. This info includes an overview, keywords, tagline, and work history (if you have one). Then the service does ..

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Jobs found by Periodix do not match my skills

If the jobs in your feed doesn’t match your skills please make sure that information on your profile (skills, description) is correct and well-described. Periodix uses all information from your profile to do the matching. When you update information on your profile – give Periodix some time to recognize th..

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How do I cancel my subscription

Log in to your Periodix account. Go to the Pricing. Push the button on your current subscription plan “Click to unsubscribe”. Click “Yes, cancel”. The Pricing page now shows that you are downgraded to Limited subscription. We hope you decide to upgrade again!   Didn’t work? Contact us: info[at]pe..

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