How Periodix does freelance jobs search?


Periodix does freelance jobs search as a smart AI aggregator. Like a virtual assistant that finds projects for you.

Freelance jobs search by Periodix

The service uses Artificial Intelligence technology. Periodix takes public profile information about a freelancer. This info includes an overview, keywords, tagline, and work history (if you have one). Then the service does the job screening for you, by matching the information about a freelancer and jobs. It proposes gigs and that match your skills and experience. In other words, Periodix does the freelance jobs search for you.

So, Periodix predicts the hire chance and proposes jobs for you with the greatest chances to be hired.

Freelance Job Card

Every freelance job contains the information about it: Project name, Job level, time of posting, budget, how much client spent and client’s country.

In addition, if the job appears interesting for you – clicking show more will open the description of the job. It lets you understand if the job is okay for you. If yes – click “Apply” button to open the job on the site where it was originally posted. You can check it in a short video.