Stop wasting your time

Only 20% of freelancers find new job in 24 hours, 80% of freelancers spend from one day to one month on finding a new job (according to Freelancing in America 2016 survey).

Feed of jobs that match your interests

You don’t need to check freelance sites a couple times a day, scrolling through new jobs there. Periodix finds jobs that match your interests, skills, preferable rate and creates a feed.

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Job info

Every job shows budget, country, amount that client has spent and overall client’s rating. It all creates an image of the job from the first look.

Possibility to get hired, project match and predicted matching line

Unique Periodix algorithm calculates possibility of getting a job, reflects in percents how job fits your skills/interests and checks every freelancer who submitted a proposal to predict your position across them.

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Jobs focus

Jobs focus parameters influence your jobs feed. All parameters can be edited, so you are flexible here.

Multiple account

You can add up to five accounts to Periodix. It will be interesting for teams and little companies. Now you can get jobs that match you team members skills in one place.

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Periodix AI money savings calculator
Every hour you spend on job search is money you loose. You just don’t account it. Let’s calculate it with us.

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