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According to a 2017 survey by Freelancing in America, only 21% of freelancers are able to find a new job within 24 hours. The other 79% can spend up to 30 days trying to find new work!

Available jobs that match your expertise

Why spend hours scrolling through hundreds of listings on freelancing sites? Periodix does the work for you by searching for jobs that match your interests, skills, and desired rates, and putting them together in a feed.

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Know what you’re getting into

Each job on Periodix clearly displays the job specifications, including the budget, the country of origin, how much the client has spent, and the client’s overall rating, giving you a realistic preview of the job without any ambiguities or unknowns.

Know your competition

On freelancing sites, you have no way of knowing if your proposal will be chosen. That’s why Periodix uses an unique algorithm to calculate your chances of landing the jobs you apply for. Using a percentage scale from 1-100%, Periodix shows you how well each job matches your skills and interests. Then Periodix shows you how you rate against other freelancers who submitted a proposal to the same job, allowing you to better predict your chances.

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Jobs focus

Periodix uses focus parameters to display jobs that are right for you. All parameters in your feed can be edited and customized, allowing you the flexibility to see the jobs you want most.

Multiple accounts

With Periodix, you can add up to five accounts, allowing you to find jobs that match the skills of all your team members in one convenient place.

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Periodix AI money savings calculator
You might not realize it, but every hour you spend searching for a job is an hour you could have spent working. That means you’re losing money just by job searching.

Use Periodix’s Money Savings Calculator to determine how much money you could have made by using Periodix this week:

Your hourly rate is $

Hours you spend on job search per week

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$ each month
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