Washington Post Talent Network

Here, users register online using LinkedIn accounts and send their articles and ideas to Washington Post editors. According to expert opinion, this network makes it easier for the Washington Post to look for freelancers among social media freelance jobs, particularly for emergency news. Instead of spending hours studying databases, sending emails, making phone calls and guessing about qualifications of applicants, it is enough for editors to find freelancers that meet specific requirements. Such approach is beneficial for both Washington Post and freelancers. Specialists get experience and have an opportunity to be published in the world-famous edition. Washington Post, in its turn, can speed up the process of finding the right freelancers and hiring necessary experts.

Benefits of Specialized Social Networks

Benefits of Specialized Social Networks

Some social networks operate in highly specialized market niches. Zerply, a system for experts in the entertainment industry, and NetParty, a platform for young professionals, are good examples of such networks. These social portals bring together professionals in a particular area and meet their specific requirements. These highly specialized communities are useful for freelancers. For freelance social media manager jobs search, freelancers use recommendations, online portfolios, and websites like Upwork. Social networks offer a less formal communication between freelancers and employers. In this environment, like-minded people can freely communicate, improve their experience, and share ideas.

In this way, freelancers can use not only common social networks as Twitter but also specialized networks. They are better focused and have great potential because participants of these networks are either freelancers or their potential customers.

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