Ways to Find Orders

The most effective way to find customers is the use of specialized portals for freelancers, through which most freelancers and customers can find each other. The current online portals often have both free features and premium paid options to give more chances to get a project or competition for a freelance writer. In addition, you should not hesitate to actively use social networks, especially LinkedIn which was created specifically for business contacts. You may have both personal and group accounts there. If you want to focus only on specific tasks like music or news, you can create a separate group or community in several social networks about yourself and invite potential customers to get one of freelance music writer jobs or freelance news writer jobs. You can also use different platforms for free ads and personal blog if you have it.

Specialization in Writing

Specialization in Writing

To move from a beginning copywriter to a professional, you need a particular specialty. Customers usually prefer freelancers who are good in one subject. Performers who can write about everything on an average level are much less in demand. It is important not to be mistaken with a specialized field, or you risk staying without orders. A niche specialization provides better options for beginners to expert freelance writers with many benefits. First, you have more chances to get long-term projects. Then, you can ask for more money for your work done. You gain experience in a specific field, and you only do what you are interested in. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages, like fewer available projects and difficulties to change the chosen area.

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Personal Preferences

Personal Preferences

Speaking of the specialization, freelance medical writer jobs and freelance health writer jobs require an understanding of the nuances in medicine, diseases, diagnosis, as well as an ability to present competent texts. Freelance business writer jobs, freelance law writer jobs, and freelance financial writer jobs are good for those writers who already had some related experience in business, legislation, and banking. Freelance fashion writer jobs and freelance beauty writer jobs fit for young women who have a passion to write for money and, at the same time, aim to get useful knowledge for getting their appearance better.


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