What Skills a WordPress Developer Must Have?

Wordpress developer jobs assume programming skills and understanding of front-end technologies, including HTML5, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and jQuery. The process of becoming a competent expert in the development of WordPress requires ingenuity, continuous improvement of skills, and a willingness to do hard work. Many large employers claim that for the WordPress programmer should have not only engineering skills, but also the ability to work in a team, skills to solve non-standard creative tasks, risk assessment, and time management. Even Wordpress remote jobs and work from home imply an execution of projects in time.

Outlooks for WordPress Developer Jobs

Outlooks for WordPress Developer Jobs

Every day, hundreds of Wordpress developer job offers are published on freelance exchanges. Programmers of this kind are in high demand in the market now. Thanks to the successful architecture of this program with a built-in system of themes and plugins make it possible to design diverse projects of different functional complexity from blogs to news resources and online stores. Although, despite the popularity and workload of this platform, the wage of WordPress developers is not very high. On average, a WordPress developer working in a company’s office earns $ 79,000 per year. For comparison, Drupal and Joomla developers get 84 and 82 thousand dollars a year, respectively. Wordpress freelance jobs are paid even less.

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