You are quitting your job to become a freelancer. You can leave it in a good way, or tell your boss what you think about him. What will you do?

Argue with boss
You remember that time the boss threw a printer in you. You take the stapler and threw it in your boss. You miss and security shows you they way out.
Be nice
The boss is impressed you came to shake his hand being friendly. He starts to regret that time he threw a printer in you. So he offers you some freelance work to do for the company. Nice start!
Steal a stapler — you might need it as freelancer
Now you are on the dark side and you will need all the resources in your tough path as a freelancer. This stapler will be your first piece of office supply as a freelancer. You are feeling proud now.


An insurance agent is reaching out to you asking if you would like to insure your laptop. What is your choice?

Good idea, I’ll pay for the insurance — with no laptop I can’t work
Nice move, just in a couple of weeks you spilled the coffee from your favorite mug “I woke up like this” on your laptop. Insurance has covered buying a new one!
Nope, just a waste of money
Just in a couple of weeks you spilled the coffee from your favorite mug “I woke up like this” on your laptop. No insurance! No more options — getting back to taking night-shifts in Burger King to survive.
Act like you are interested, even buy an insurance, then find out if the insurance agency might need your services
Smart move, you spotted that their website and sales process might need your consultancy — agent made an intro to the director of insurance agency and you made a deal. You rock!


The time is coming to pay the taxes. So, what are you going to do?

Good move.
Avoid paying
Ha, really? Sorry, did not work — you were caught, like the time you tried to use torrents to download your favorite Friends TV show.
Another option
No other options. However, we sent this action to IRS. Joking, here is 0.5 points in a case your knees are still shaking.


New client reached you through email. They want to hire you, but they will pay you with check sending you 150% of the project price. Then they ask you to pay to another freelancer they hired earlier this 50% from your account online, “‘cause that freelancer doesn’t accept checks”. What will you do?

Agree — I will get that project and 100% of money.
The bank accepted the check in the beginning, but as soons as you payed that “another freelancer” the bank rejected the check. You didn’t get any money and even lost that 50%. It was a fraud!
No, sounds fishy.
You did not accept that offer. You avoided the fraud.
Ask reddit on r/freelance or r/workonline
“Hey reddit, I have this guy wanting me to...”. Going on reddit can be tough — some redditors verbally insulted you, but almost whole community was helpful and advised you to decline this offer as it is a fraud. In addition, someone DM you and offered a project being really open to accept on your terms. Nice!


You are meeting a client in restaurant. The client has asked for edits for like one hundred times and he wants more. You can’t take it no longer. You are starting to shout at client. You see that someone started to shoot you on their phone camera...

Stop shouting, relax, ask client for forgiveness. Literally get down on your knees. Say you are stressed because the kitten back at home has lost appetite and you are really worry
Client forgives you and you accept more edits. You continue implementing edits, even if you are not earning anything on this project as it takes much longer than you expected.
Continue raging
You continue raging looking comical and shouting something that appears funny. The video someone shoot has became viral on YouTube, millions of views! Now you have like a couple of dozens clients reaching you for a project. Wow!
Just walk away
You lost this client, but now you don’t have to work on this project, spending extra time you don’t get paid for.


One famous brand proposes competition to freelancers — you make a project for them and submit it. Then they chose one and pay for it. Are you in?

Take part in the competition
You have some work to do but still join the competition — you never had such big clients. You are doing your best but they chose another freelancer as a winner. However you are in the top-3! Nice exposure. As a result, one pretty big client reaches you out and orders a long-term and well-paid project!
Skip it
You can’t be sure that you will benefit, so there is a risk you will work with no result. You skip it and save some time.
Play smart one — send a project you made for another client, editing it a little bit
You copy and paste your previous project spending like 5 minutes on it. The project is posted online and a client who paid for it finds it. Whoof — he takes you to court. Not good.


You are overwhelmed with projects now and a new clients reaches out you offering a job. There is no option to start it later. Are you going to take it?

Take the project and do it instead of sleeping and walking your dog.
You are working like 24/7. Are you a cyborg or what? Okay, you earned extra money but your dog is sad you ignored it.
No, give it to a fellow freelancer who is free now
Nice idea — you are not working nights and you have a good reputation. Now, when you have finished your projects this freelancer brings you more new clients. Good move!
Take the project and outsource it to freelancers with much lower rates
It appeared to be a good idea in the beginning. You chose a freelancer with a very low rate, like dollar per hour. As a result this freelancer failed the deadline, plus the job was done bad. You had to do it from scratch by yourself. The client is mad and refuses to pay. Such a headache.


Client with startup proposes to take a part of the payment in shares. What do you think?

Yes, the shares may grow in value
In 11 months Amazon acquires this startup and you make 1000x more than the project cost. Legit!
No, make them pay in real money
In 11 months Amazon acquires this startup and you could make 1000x more than they paid you. You feel pissed off.
What about a cryptocurrency?
The cryptocurrency course may be hard to predict but you give it a shot, selling it when the price doubles.
Your level: Corporate Rat
Your score: /8

Are you sure you want to be a freelancer? Maybe 9-5 will work better for you?

Your level: Survivor
Your score: /8

You are freelancing earning money for food. Sometimes. But you are trying.

Your level: Hustler
Your score: /8

You are making in it in freelance world.

Your level: Freelance Shark
Your score: /8

You take the opportunities and make the most of them!

Your level: Freelance God
Your score: /8

It is luck or super power — you are winning like everytime!