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Until two years ago, people thought that freelancing, in particular and non technical jobs, was just fun that would never bring big income, personal development, and improved living standards. But, the times have come when everything has changed. Now many people quit their jobs in agencies, companies and move on to a new step in their careers. And this trend is not decreasing. According to many studies, 59 million people in 2020 were already working freelance. In addition, they can earn much more than their usual jobs. They have access to many superiorities and advantages, which push them to change.

Finding non technical jobs remotely means taking advantage of these benefits.

  • Flexibility will be available to you. Now you can manage your time yourself, do work when you really feel better.

  • Home environment for those who do not like gray offices. Freelancers can plan their own design: be it blue wallpaper or a 3-meter desktop. Customize your workspace the way you like. In this, you have carte blanche.

  • Your favorite projects will always be your job. This means that it is now more convenient to do non technical jobs remotely. You no longer need to do work that you do not like, do what you really need.

  • The opportunity to spend more time with the family has become relevant for many people, because due to the work schedule, the time to travel to work, there is only a small part that can be devoted to the family. The situation will change in freelancing.

  • The good news for introverts is that it doesn't take a lot of communication with people. You will have more free space for yourself, live communication will not bother you and embarrass you.

  • When you are looking for non technical jobs know that you are managing your own income. Set prices for services, such as what you think is optimal for your work. This increases motivation, dedication to work, and most importantly, you never catch yourself thinking that your salary is too low or that your profits are being cut unfairly.

  • Also, no one will fire you, because you are independent. There are no strict bosses or biased leaders who are always trying to spot your flaws.

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